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Proto Tech Tip - Hinges for Your Custom Enclosure

Protocase Inc

Every week, Team Protocase is bringing you a Proto Tech Tip video, where we'll give an informative look at a particular aspect of sheet metal fabrication and CNC Machining.

This week, Chris from Marketing discusses the various types of hinges that we offer for your next custom enclosure. A hinge is a mechanical device that joins together two solid pieces to allow for rotating or opening between both parts. At Protocase, we stock 3 different types of hinges; piano hinges, liftoff hinges and adjustable torque position hinges.

Check out our pages dedicated to hinges below:

Piano: https://www.protocase.com/products/ma...

LiftOff: https://www.protocase.com/products/ma...

Adjustable Torque: https://www.protocase.com/products/ma...

We also have a web page dedicated to resources and articles: https://www.protocase.com/resources/

Be sure to check out our blog: https://www.protocase.com/blog/

Thanks for watching! We will be releasing new Proto Tech Tip videos every Tuesday @ 2PM EST.

posted by Tearoomu4