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Profit and Loss, basics and 2 sec tricks, Constant Product Ratio for SSC, CAT, CDS, BANK


Profit and loss is a general topic, many questions from this topic are asked in various exams such as CAT, SSC CGL, CHSL, BANK PO, RAILWAYS etc. In this video Raja sir is teaching you how to solve the questions of profit and loss with the help of CPR in just 2-3 sec. we all know that profit percentage taking C.P. as the base is more than the profit percentage taking S.P. as the base. Here Raja sir is discussing the relation between these two aspects, and solving some previous years questions with this method in 2 sec.. You should watch this video completely so that you can build your concepts and thought process. Once your thought process is built than you will be able to apply CPR in many topics such as time speed and distance, time and work and many more.
Raja sir has 12 years teaching experience and many unique and magical concepts like approximation, Aryan ratio, Digit sum etc. Sir teaches you Maths in a way that you start enjoying it and can easily understand the concepts and various approaches of Maths.
Our channel NEON CLASSES provides you all the new and unique concepts of solving the problems of not only Maths but also English such as cloze test, jumbles etc. we also provide you all the new and unique concepts of solving the problems and online mock test facility based on the latest exam pattern and cover the whole syllabus in fix time.
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