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Procrastination Explained by a Psychologist

Dr David Maloney Psychotherapy

Procrastination is a process of selfsabotage. To know how to stop procrastinating, we need to break the cycle of selfsabotage.

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Dr. David Maloney is a Psychologist and a therapist/counselor. His has trained in a variety of techniques (personcentered, Gestalt, ACIM, psychodynamic) and works with people on a wide variety of issues. His main areas of expertise are in selfesteem, motivation, selfactualization, spirituality, relationships and dating, overcoming procrastination, and living authentically. If you feel like you're are holding yourselfback in life, or just need someone to talk things through with, his online coachng service might be perfect for your needs. From the comfort of your own home, you can work with a highly trained and experienced therapist, and for a price that is highly affordable. Prices are on a sliding scale, so if you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can still work with David. Visit here to contact Dr. Maloney today:

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