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Problem Solvers for Your Apple II Macintosh Plus and Emerson 500EC! (Computerized Start™ Live)

Justin D. Morgan

Community PSA: https://dontmesswithretro.com

I have three problem solvers, and I'm going to take a look at them tonight! In no particular order:

The A2 VidGA (https://jcm1.com/product/a2vidgaap..., provided by Joe's Computer Museum for review, is a VGA output card for your Apple ][, ][+ and //e computer! (It even works in the IIgs for non SuperHiRes modes).

The Clipper Plus, provided by Joe's Computer Museum for evaluation, is an adapter that clips on top of the SCSI chip in your Macintosh Plus to provide an internal 50pin SCSI port for installing SCSI devices like the Blue SCSI.

An IDE Fix board (https://www.ebay.com/itm/315148754054) for the Emerson 500EC and Emerson 4412 computers, and other computers based on the same design, which swaps the miswired high byte on the IDE port to allow for sharing its drive with other computers.

Will my Apple IIe's video output look better than factory? Will the increased airflow of the Mac Plus from Mercari make the SCSI bus go faster? Will I finally be able to swap CompactFlash cards with another computer? You'll have to watch to find out!


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