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Pretty litter review 30 days later

Haylie Reiter

We liked the pretty litter cat litter if you want something that will help you stay on top of your cats health and not cat pee this might be it! It is non clumping and I know some people are weird about that but, since it’s like silicone beads instead of clay it absorbs much better with no smell! As for our family the only thing we can say negatively about this litter is it isn’t the best at masking cat poop smell. But we just scoop it out and flush it! The litter does last for a full 30days like it advertises and I think we are going to keep using it!

Just a disclosure I’m not telling anyone to use or not use the product I’m just giving you my opinion on the product. I am in no way affiliated with the creators of this product and I’m not being paid to give this review!
If you believe your cat is sick take your cat to the vet no matter what the litter says and don’t fully rely on a product to tell you your cats health. You as the owner should use your best judgement for your cats health!

If you’re interested in buying his litter here’s the link for a $5 off (You’re welcome in advance)

Please check out our gofundme page for our daughter! Please share is all we ask!

Many thanks from our family to yours!

posted by meg1030ih