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Pre-Egyptian Technology Left By an Advanced Civilization That Disappeared

Universe Inside You

The concept of an advanced preEgyptian civilization, existing before the welldocumented dynastic periods of ancient Egypt, is supported by the advanced technological features of sites like the Osireion, Zawyet el Aryan, the Serapeum of Saqqara, and many others. this lost civilization might have had a profound understanding of astronomy, engineering, and mathematics, far beyond what was typical for the time. Evidence suggested includes the alignment of the Giza pyramids with the stars of Orion's Belt, hinting at sophisticated astronomical knowledge, and the remarkable precision in the construction of these pyramids, suggesting advanced architectural and engineering techniques. Additionally, there are discussions about the potential use of advanced tools and methods for cutting and transporting massive stone blocks, which would require a level of technology not conventionally attributed to the ancient Egyptians of the wellknown dynastic periods.

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