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Powering Up Auto-Embeds with Scrapebox - YouTube SEO

SEO Sorcerer

Powering Up AutoEmbeds with Scrapebox

In this video the SEO Sorcerer walks you through powering up your autoembeds with Scrapebox. If you are able to create autoembeds and power them up, you will be able to get your YouTube videos to the top of Google.

Remember, when you optimize your videos for Google, you can get views even if you have zero subscribers.

SEO Sorcerer mentions a blog post in the description several times during. the video. Well, here it is:


The proxies I recommend: (Affiliate links are in this description, that means I get paid a commission is you use my link to purchase. This is at no extra charge to you.)


My recommended VPS:


For more information on powering up autoembeds with Scrapebox make sure to check out my blog post:


Click the link below to get access to the 25 autoembeds:


Learn more about autoembeds here:

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