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POV Egg Drop Soup

J. Kenji López-Alt

Get a version of the printed recipe here:

This is about as simple as soup gets. I had some simple homestyle Chinese stock that I made by simmering a chicken carcass with some ginger and scallions (You can see a more complicated but still simple version of a few Chinese stocks on the alwaysexcellent Chinese Cooking Demystified channel: It wasn't quite enough so I bulked it up with Better than Bouillon.

Then I thickened it and drizzled in some eggs. That's it. Yum.


The coronavirus has hit many folks hard, including first responders and hospital workers, individuals and families who were already food insecure, and service industry employees who are, for the large part, currently out of a job.

My goal is to help fix both these problems in the best way I know how to contribute: organizing people, and cooking food.

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Finally, stay safe. Here is my guide to food safety and the coronavirus, written with the consultation of virologists, food safety experts, and infectious disease specialists, and kept up to date as new research emerges:

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