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PMC WAGNER GROUP 24hr Complex Ration MRE Unboxing u0026 Inspection ✋Stopped and then sold on to me?

Charon The Ferryman

Hello to all.

This ration was sold from ebay to me was written as...
"Russian army dry rations PMC Wagner Group military complex rations for 24hr 2023"
1. Stewed Beef
2. Potato Stew with meat
3. Chicken with Rice and Vegetables
4. Beef Meatballs
5. Chicken Pate
6. Processed Cheese
7. Squash Caviar
8. Army Biscuits from wheat flour
9. Orange Energy bar
10. Chocolate Hazelnut Paste
11. Apple Jam
12. Tonic drink concentrate
13. Black Tea 14. Coffee granules
15. Sugar
16. Salt 17. Ground Pepper
18. Water Disinfection tablets
19. Portable Heater
20. Waterproof Matches
21. Disinfected Napkins
22. Paper Napkin

Is this an actual ration from the Wagner Group or just a civilian knock off?

I also wonder about the use of the words "complex" or "dry" In the title?

We shall see if it is any different in quality to an average Russian white star IRP.

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Ferryman out


posted by unglogzf