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Pixie-bob Cats 101 : Fun Facts u0026 Myths

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In today's video, we are going to talk about some interesting facts and myths about the Pixiebob Cat.

One of the most interesting and controversial felines out there is the PixieBob breed, named after one of

the very first Pixie Bob kitty’s parents.

These cats are controversial due to their alleged origins. The breed was developed in 19 86 in Washington
State by Carol Ann Brewer and is allegedly a result of the mating of two naturallybobtailed cats, one of

which was the offspring of a bobcat. However, D N A tests showed that the new Pixie Bob kittens, which

Brewer started breeding, didn’t carry any wildcat genes.

Unlike many exotic and designer breeds, Pixie Bobs still doesn’t show any traces of wildcat D N A even

nowadays, decades after they were officially recognized as a new breed. Thus, pedigree Pixie Bobs aren’t

exactly a designer breed, but they are considered rare.

Here are a few interesting facts about this rare breed, which will give you some further insight into its

characteristics and temperament.

1. All Pixie Bobs Are Born Bobtailed.

The bobbed tails and the fluffy fur coats are among the Pixies’ most notable physical characteristics. The

first kittens were born from two naturally bobtailed parents. The mutation genes which had affected the

parents’ tails by making them significantly shorter remain prevalent in the breed even today.

They’re all born either with moderately short tails or with seemingly no tails, depending on how dominant

the gene is.

2. Pixiebobs are Patient And Tolerant.

Pixie Bob Cats are famous for their easygoing temperaments. Unlike other furballs, these pals don’t fuss

about anything, from food to attention.

Pixies won’t mind you snuggling with them or ignoring them due to chores. They also won’t mind you

inviting strangers over who are eager to meet your fluffy pet. And as long as they have toys and food,

they won’t mind being left home alone for a few hours.

Owning a PixieBob means you won’t have to worry about catering to your cat’s every whim. They’re laid

back and lowkey!

3. Pixiebob Cats are Energetic And Playful.

While Pixies are tolerant and laidback, it doesn’t mean that they are lazy. On the contrary! Pixies are

extremely energetic.

They’ll never shy away from play sessions, even if this means playing with a friend of yours whom they’ve

just met. Purchasing an interactive pet camera with builtin laser chasing games is a great way to keep an

eye on these cats if you have to leave them home alone. They aren’t destructive by nature, but they do

love climbing and jumping, so a broken vase or other similar accident might occur.

Another option to keep them entertained and properly exercised is to purchase a cat tree that offers

multiple levels and interaction for your Pixie Bob kitty.

4. Pixiebob Cats are Sociable.

Pixie Bobs aren’t whimsical and won’t act needy, but they do have social needs. They are a notoriously

sociable breed and adore all sorts of human interaction. They won’t hide under the couch or act

territorial upon the arrival of some stranger in your home. The Pixie’s affable nature will make it run

off to the stranger in order to sniff and befriend him in an instant!

Their friendly nature is one of the many reasons why you should keep your Pixie Bob kitty strictly

indoors. Of course, outdoor diseases, fleas, and other parasites are also factors, but the biggest risk is

that the cat might decide to bolt from your yard in order to explore the outside world and make some new

friends along the way.

5. Pixiebob Cats are Highly Intelligent.

This breed is quite intelligent and amenable to training and learning various tricks. You can teach them

how to respond to their name, how to give you high fives, how to stand up, and even how to jump through


As long as you’re patient and consistent, and you’re always applying positive reinforcement techniques,

your Pixie will learn new commands in no time.

6. Pixiebob Cat's Polydactyl Paws.

Most felines have oval paws, but this particular breed has almost round ones. What’s more, the Pixie Bob’s

paws are polydactyl. That means they have some extra toes on their fluffy paws.

This is caused by a genetic mutation which also occurs in human beings. Polydactylism may affect any one

of its paws, as well as all of them.

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