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PIWORLD: Sell it to the City - October 2021


Andy Brough initiated a challenge to private investors and fund managers back in May 2021. Referencing a stock mentioned in the StockChallenge Andy Tweeted: "A stock I have never heard of or met, maybe I should just have an information forum where people pitch ideas to fund managers. Just need to get a few more. Could be like judgement day (for those who remember his column in The Sunday Times) in reverse. Any other fund managers up for it?" Fortunately they were!

Here, we bring you a fund manager panel of Andy Brough, Schroders, Judith MacKenzie, Downing and Stephen English, Stellar Asset Management, who listen to pitches by John Marriott (@F15JCM), Rebecca Stewart (@Reb40 AKA Aston Girl), Ryan Rahimikia (@Ryankia2) and Richard Crow (@RebelHQ AKA Cockney Rebel). Both sides, the pitches, and the fund managers questions and comments are enlightening.

The format is work in progress. Get in touch with any comments. If you would like to get your name and a stock idea in front of top fund managers to 'Sell it to the City', contact via the PIWORLD contact page (link below).

00:00 Opening
00:18 Introduction & background.
02:13 John Marriott – Brave Bison (BBSN).
09:46 Fund manager questions on Brave Bison. (Mentions Mission (TMG) & STV (STVG)).
14:30 Fund manager feedback on Brave Bison. (Mentions Digitalbox (DBOX)).
18:00 Rebecca Stewart – Springfield Properties (SPR).
22:20 Fund manager questions Springfield Properties.
25:08 Fund Manager feedback on Springfield (Mentions: MJ Gleeson (GLE)).
27:45 Ryan Rahimikia: TransferWise (WISE).
34:30 Fund manager questions on TransferWise. (Mentions: Alpha Fx (AFX))
41:30 Fund manager feedback on TransferWise.
45:11 Richard Crow – Creightons (CRL)
51:00 Fund manager questions on Creightons. (Mentions Warpaint (W7L)
57:28 Fund manager feedback on Creightons.
01:00:52 The results: who Sold it to the City?

If you would like to pitch at the next Sell it to the City, please contact us

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