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People enjoying while abandoned kitten cries for his mom | Saddest Kitten You've Ever Seen

Animals Cottage - Rescue Center

Kids enjoying while homeless kitten cries for his mother. This is a rescue story of a homeless kitten that was abandoned by his mother. He searched for his mother but all in vain. He is newborn and weak enough to find food. Kids are enjoying as it cries for is mother. Nobody dared to feed and help him. Our team came to know about this, and we rescued him as soon as possible. Watch the video, like and share.

At Animal’s Cottage – Rescue Center, we rescue animals, mostly cats, that are abandoned or unadoptable. We try our best to provide an opportunity to these little souls to live their life to the best.
We are a nonprofit organization taking care of these animals. Become a part of our mission by making a donation for the food, shelter, medicines and care of these little souls.

Guys! You are perfectly known how expensive everything is for pets. We can't do it all alone. Your support is needed. Kindly donate us for buying food, paying for veterinarian care, medicines, building dog houses and cat houses and more.

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