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Pecron E1000 u0026 Solar in an RV • Most Comprehensive Video on YT


Pecron E1000, 1000watt Portable Power Station is by far the best bang for your buck and $400 cheaper than the Jackery 1000. There's no better price point for this size of Portable Power Station that packs this kind of punch.

Today I'm going to show you how to actually use this in an RV in real world situations. The E1000 sells right now for $799 on Amazon, and sometimes Amazon offers a coupon with even more discounts. Pecron sells this for $699 on their website.

The Jackery 1000 sells for $1,099. That’s $400 more than the Pecron E1000.

The other thing is the form factor of this E1000. I love the way it’s flat on top.

This is huge when storing or carrying this in any type of RV or for transporting in a car or truck where you have a lot of other gear. You can easily store stuff on top on of this E1000. Or use the top as a table for your devices while you're charging them. You can’t do this with a Jackery.

I’m going to be showing you a lot of practical testing and applications that you & I would actually use this for while traveling and camping in your RV. I’ll be covering charging, using it with different appliances, recharging with solar and much more.

• The E1000 has a 1028wh Lithium ion Battery with a 1000watt power rating and a 2000 power surge rating.

• The usable capacity of the battery is about 93% which is huge. Units similar to this one usually get about 80% 85% usable capacity

• The battery will still have 70% of it’s capacity after 1000 cycles what that means in simple terms is, if you used this everyday and ran it all the way down 0 and then charged it up again to 100% you could do this for nearly 3yrs. and still have 70% of the batteries total capacity still available. But most of us are not going to use it that way.

• The E1000 has pass thru charging. Which means you can be charging it while you're using it. That’s an important feature. Some power stations won’t let you do that.

All the input charging options are on the front:
Regular 110 wall outlet
12V regulated car charging
Solar I’m going to be showing you several configurations of solar to charge this baby
2 QC 3.0 USB ports

Also on the front, you have 1 Regulated 12V Output option:
A multipurpose cable comes with the E1000 for assorted different 12V devices like hooking up a portable refrigerator or any device that has common pin connectors for other types of 12V devices

Other output ports are on the back
You have 2 110V 3 prong outlets and 2 110V 2 prong outlets and all power here is pure sine wave so you don’t have to worry about damaging your sensitive devices. These outlets are rated 1500W with a Peak Power of 3000W

When using these outlets the fan may will come ON and OFF depending on how much load your drawing, but I found it pretty darn quiet in previous testing.

• It has a builtin BMS (battery management system) for protection against shorts, over load protection and high temperature shut off

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