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Owning a Sphynx cat 101 (Quick look)

Rue the Sphynx

Here are some tips and tricks we have learned over the past few months of owning our very first Sphynx! We will continue to provide updates as we learn along the way. Please remember, 101 stands for the basics. We might look at providing more advanced tips in a future video.

We do not claim to know everything about these cats, and continue to learn new stuff every day. Cats also vary in personality, energy levels, etc. This video is designed to be a quick and dirty look at everything we have learned thus far!

#1 Vocals 0:29
#2 Clothing 1:38
#3 Bathing 3:42
#4 Toys 6:36
#5 Sleeping 7:57
#6 Allergies 9:03
#7 Food 12:10
#8 Clicker Training 14:07
#9 Walking 16:19
#10 Home Intro 20:46

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Rue's Leash and Harness combo:

Thank you for watching!

posted by Fisternx