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Owl’s Unusually Close Friendship With A Cat Has Animal Researchers Scratching Their Heads

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Owl’s Unusually Close Friendship With A Cat Has Animal Researchers Scratching Their Heads
With their swiveling heads, razor-sharp talons, fantastic eyesight, and precise hearing, owls are some of the most skilled predators in the animal kingdom. For most critters, getting eyeballed by a hungry owl means there’s a good chance they end in an owl pellet. No one had to tell Spanish falconer Jordi Amenós Basora that.

As a nature lover and bird aficionado, Jordi regularly brought his pet owl into the woods for hunting and flight practice. One day, however, another animal interrupted their session—and it made him very, very nervous…

►Image: NatGeo
►Story Source : honesttopaws.com
► By : Cody Mauro

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