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Our new kitten Angel! (Lynx Point Siamese/Tabby mix).

Son of a King

We adopted Angel today. Shes a 3 month old Lynx Point Siamese mixed with Tabby. You can see in the video the tabby part of her. Shes has strip markings on her head, tail and bottom of her legs. And of course some black on her ears, tail and bottom of her feet. Her original name was "Potato", which is a terrible name lol. So Angel seems to fit her appearance better.

Shes got beautiful blue eyes and after exploring the house shes doing great now. She loves mooching for food, though we can't give her any human food since shes a kitten. She loves being petted and purrs SUPER loud. Shes a little unsure of what to do about cat toys. Shes cute when she meows!

We will have to train her of course not to jump on tables and what not. But shes so little she can't reach tables really. She still has to go to a vet as per the requirement of adoption. And around the year mark she has to get her shots. But so far everything seems great.

We will see what my angel thinks of this Angel when she gets home from work. ^_^

posted by Pizarrowiek