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Our bus WON'T START! || STRANDED in Tennessee

Red White & Bethune

#buslife #deadBatteries #rvliving

We woke up all ready to go on travel day! The bus got all packed up, everyone settled, and then BOOOOOM!

The bus wouldn't start!

After going back and forth, trying to figure out what was wrong, we had another issue come up....

Our brake lights weren't working! We certainly can't drive without our lights, so we called up an awesome fulltime family that is an RV Tech and he was able to get us up and running!

Watch along as we make our way through problems and get down to FL for Christmas!!


0:00 UHOH!!
0:28 Packing up
2:03 We are STRANDED!
5:45 Our tail lights aren't working!
6:36 KorffExplore (RV Tradesman) saves the day!
8:26 Our FIRST trip to Bucees!
10:27 Finally made it to FL!

You can find RV Tradesman here on IG:

posted by crydaynapm1