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Oriental Longhair / Cat Breed


The Oriental was developed in the 50s of the XX century in England. In the post-war ears the cat breeders faced certain difficulties because of shortage of available pure-bred cats. Some of them chose to resort to outcrossing in order to reconstruct some feline varieties. The Oriental Shorthair / Longhair appeared as the result of these experiments. Initially the Siamese was mated with such feline varieties as the Russian Blue, the British Shorthair, the Abyssinian and ordinary domestic cats. The offspring of these crosses then were bred back to the Siamese. Jasper the talking cat - go out! Beautiful photos of Oriental breed cats. Oriental Bicolor | Cats 101. Selkirk Rex / Cat Breed. TALKING ORIENTAL CAT. Oriental cat talking. Introducing Oriental Shorthair Rufus - sweet kitten purring. Cats 101: Oriental. Oriental longhair kitten Julius. Oriental kittens. Zuko my Asian Leopard Cat. Amazing Facts About ORIENTAL LONGHAIR Cat And Kitten. TURKISH ANGORA Cat Breed Facts And Info That No One Knows. Oriental Shorthair Voice. Long Hair mixed main coon kitten Growing up 1 week to 6 months.

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