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ONE - Animated Short Film

Midnight Kettle

A One rupee coin sets on a journey to find its importance in a world dominated by notes of much higher values. This is my first animated short film made during my college time (2018) and is produced by MIT Institute of Design.

This film is a student film and made only for educational and academic purposes and it serves no commercial or profitable use.

Written and Directed by Ketan Pal
Mentored by Chandan Bhattacharya
Associate mentors Binoj John, Aroop Dwivedi, and Sandesh Pawar
Sound Design Alfred Jerry

Music credits
Postcard 2 March Torch
Up and Above Trailer Worx
I'm a Man Black Strobe
Broken Together Casting Crowns
Happy Fast Orchestral Gavin Luke

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Softwares used Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects
Drawing Tablet I use Wacom Intuous Pro by @WacomIndiaofficial

#indiananimation #animation #shortanimation #shortfilm #2danimation #midnightkettle

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