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Robin Zeeb

„A faint whisper echoes through the abandoned corridors of a forgotten planet. An effigy of the bygone days of wealth and splendour before decay and failure.

Memories of infinite darkness, utterly out of the cosmos, yet parallel to the mundane spheres of the mortal. Lurking in the deep, a maze of time – a closed gate opened by the words of the unspoken abysmal evil.

Blazing through the vastness of the universe, an Eldritch Sentinel summons the power of existence.A bearer of light and dark is gathering the forces to complete an endless cycle of recreation and the rise of a new eon."

NYGHIL is another part of the ZEPHID universe. Shown is the dark guardian NYGHIL, awakened and guided by a dark indescribable power. Ordered by a dark force to deliver a cosmic god, he begins his journey in the deepest ruins of the exoplanet XEBRETH.Stylistically and visually, the film is inspired by the stories of H.P. LOVCRAFT, as well as artists such as GIGER and BEKSINSKI

The 3D scenes were created entirely in Blender with render engine Evee.Post processing and mastering as well as the visual effects were created in adobe Premiere.Some of the audio recordings were done by myself, for example the choir recordings and the voice recordings of Laura Fish.Many thanks to Laura Fish and Thomas Winkler for their great work and also to all you cosmic horror fans who are watching this short movie! You gave me so much inspiration for my projects!if you want to support me and my work, feel free to leave me a like and a subscription!

many thanks for watching!

written and animated by:
Robin Zeeb
Audio processing and mastering: Robin Zeeb
Lore and Lyrics: Thomas Winkler
Voice acting: Laura Fish

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insta: @dayliriumarts

#shortfilm #animation #cosmic horror

posted by uJosiyaw3