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Norwegian Forest Cat: All about this beautiful longhaired cat

zooplus UK

The Norwegian Forest Cat (often abbreviated to NWK) is one of the few cat breeds that has evolved naturally, without human assistance. In our breed report on the NWK you can learn all about the appearance and character of this large cat. Even though the Norwegian Forest Cat is very independent, it doesn’t mean that it is aloof towards its owner. We’ll give you helpful tips on how to care for your NWK and why the correct diet is important for this purebred cat.

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You can also find more info about the Norwegian Forest Cat in the zooplus magazine:


00:00 Introduction & origins
00:34 Appearance
01:16 Character
01:46 Care
02:19 Nutrition
03:17 Grooming
03:45 Health & breeding
04:17 Summary

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