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Newlyborn kittens living on the street looking for mother cat

Teddy Kitten - Rescue Center

We went out for street feeding and heard the cries of newborn kittens nearby. We embarked on a determined search and found tiny, fragile kittens abandoned by their mother. Concerned for their safety, we decided to seek help from the community to locate the mother cat.

A kindhearted uncle informed us that the mother often moves her kittens around while she searches for food. We set up a cat catcher with meat to attract her while feeding the hungry kittens with special formula milk.

After a patient wait, the cat catcher succeeded in capturing the mother cat, bringing relief and joy to everyone's hearts. Realizing the danger the kittens faced on the streets, we decided to take the whole family home with us, ensuring their safety and reunification.

posted by nginiyisa42