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New MIT Discovery Just Solved Water's BIGGEST Mystery!

Two Bit da Vinci

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Scientific discoveries have a way of changing the world. Like the photoelectric effect that paved the way for LEDs and Solar panels. For a long time, we thought the sun evaporated water by heating it, but a new discovery on the PhotoMolecular Effect might just change our understanding of the water cycle forever. And there just might be countless new innovations that stem from it. From more efficient desalination, to new methods of keeping cool, this has the potential to be a gamechanger! So how does it work, and just how impactful might it be? Let's figure this out together!

MIT Article:

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0:00 Introduction
1:00 Evaporation
2:06 Photomolecular Effect
5:40 How it works
9:00 Efficiency
10:00 Why it MATTERS

what we'll cover
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