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New Agency Owner? When to Hire u0026 How to Set Up Systems...

Jason Swenk

Answers to some great questions from a new agency owner about starting and growing an agency still in it's infancy stage. We'll cover everything from knowing when and how to hire, to generating leads and setting up all the right systems when you are still a very small agency.

Julien asked: “Right now I'm doing everything (lead generation, sales, project management, design, frontend dev, backend dev). How big should I get before I start hiring, and what are the first steps I need to take to replace myself.”

Julien asked: “As I'm primarily a developer, I don't have as much experience in sales and lead generation. Do I need to attain some kind of competence in these field before taking the plunge, or should I "fake it till I make it”?”

Julien asked: “You talk a lot about having set up the right systems in place, and while it's fascinating to hear you talk about roles of the CEO, salespeople, account/project managers, creative departments, and developers, I'm uncertain as to what kind of system I need to have in place *right now* as I'm getting started, and how far ahead I should be looking.“


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