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My smart cat Katie opens up a door by her own paws!

Daniels Blog

About Katie: She, as all of my cats, came to my home from the street. She was a rather clean cat and it was obvious that she is not a stray cat, but simply ran away from someone's home. I put out the posters about a missing cat, but nobody called back. By that time I got used to this cat and decided to keep her in my home. Right now she lives with me, loves to eat and to sleep. Likes to play with a rope and a laser pointer.

About my cats: Cats are my hobby. From the first day since I was born, there was at least one cat in my family. Right now there are four: Tommy, Katie, Jerry & Missy. I often take stray cats from the street, then take them to veterinary clinic to give them all the necessary medical treatment (if needed), and then search for a new loving family, who'll adopt them. The cats who are living with me right now are the ones, that I couldn't find a new home for. That's basically the short story of how these cats got into my home.

About my camera: Right now I use Canon DIGITAL IXUS 75 with the ability to make both photos and videos. Yes, I know it's a rather outdated camera, but to make short videos of my cats I think it's ok. Maybe in the future I'll buy a better camera.

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