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Mighty Mike🐶 White Cat 😻 Episode 161 - Full Episode - Cartoon Animation for Kids

Mighty Mike

A cute white cat turns up on the Mikkelsen’s patio. Everyone thinks it’s superduper adorable, especially Iris. It looks like Fluffy has found a new friend, but for some reason Fluffy seems to be finding himself in increasingly lifethreatening situations. Thankfully, Mike is on top of it and saves Fluffy’s life more than once. But curiously, that cute new kitty is always around. Is he trying to replace the family’s cat and become the new favorite?

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Mike is a refined pug with sophisticated tastes. Every morning, he wakes up with one thing on his mind how to impress the neighbour’s elegant dog Iris. Sadly, his plans never work out as a bunch of interfering troublemaking racoons, turtles and a kitten have a surprising knack for showing up at the worst possible moments, dragging Mike into a series of unforeseen calamities!

posted by Habeck6l