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Motherless Kitten was Losing his Breath And No One Cared!

Cat Angels United

During our rounds to feed street cats, we found a lifeless kitten in a risky slum area amid heavy rainfall. With a feeble heartbeat and cold body, we rushed him to the vet. Diagnosed with hypothermia, vet provided him with medication to revive him.

With tender hearts, we brought this little soul home, where he was nurtured with love and care. Despite initial challenges, Mama Shelby, a devoted foster mom, embraced him with concern and warmth. Their bond grew stronger, and Mama Shelby nursed him, surrounding the kitten with love and peace.

Our hearts overflowed with boundless love witnessing this heartwarming rescue. Your support can help more kittens like him. Please consider donating to make a difference in their lives. Click the subscribe button for more heartwarming rescues.

posted by miikukb