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mother cat begged her owner to let her keep dying kittens inside house but owner didn't allow!

Cat Care Squad

Today, we got surprised when saw a cat trying to enter a house from beneath the gate. We couldn't wait to see what was happening and went to check on her! To our amazement, we heard a kitten meowing from behind the gate. The mama cat was struggling to take him outside! Soon, we knocked the door and relieved her stress. After many twists and turns, we came to know she was abandoned by her previous owner, and now, she wanted to keep her babies safe in that house. The sad part was that the new owner was unethically denying to let her stay inside. The owner gave us the reason that they had three asthma patients at home, and the doctor has prohibited cats to stay at home. Finally the mama cat led us to a total of five kittens of whom one was sick!
Watch the complete video to know what the poor mama cat went through!
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posted by emilyrose32519