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🐈 Most Loyal Cats - TOP 10 Most Loyal Cat Breeds In The World!

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Most loyal cats will follow you and provide you and your family with unconditional love. The list of the TOP 10 most loyal cat breeds in the world reveals you furry little cats that possess this trait in spades.
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✌ Transcription ✌

Every animal has its way of showing love, attachment, and loyalty to their human, but cats sometimes excel at it.

10. The Exotic Shorthair.

The Exotic Shorthair is a blend between the Persian and the American Shorthair cat. They are every bit as likable, playful, cute, and devoted.

The Exotic enjoys playing for as long as you'll play with them, but they also know how to have fun when their humans are busy or away from home.

9. The Abyssinian.

These cats have a very distinctive appearance, with short hair and a wedgeshaped head.

They're not quite fluffy kittens who love being pets, but they are very devoted and love children and other pets.

8. The Persian.

With their adorable eyes and facial expression, it's no wonder that Persians are considered some of the most beautiful cats in the world. However, they also happen to be some of the most loyal! What's the reason?

They tend to show their affection to their loved ones, which makes them one of the most loyal cat breeds in the world.

7. The Siamese.

The talkative Siamese cat has no problem declaring its devotion to people.

These cats love and desire attention, and if they're loyal to you, they'll follow you all around the house.

6. The Turkish Van.

The Turkish Van is a friendly and faithful cat that gets very attached to its owners. However, they may select one or two family members as favorites.

This very smart, but sometimes clumsy cat is a rare breed that's difficult, albeit not impossible, to find.

5. The Maine Coon.

As these beloved cats grow, so does their loyalty to you.

The Maine Coon can get very attached and always wants to be where you are. Isn't that true loyalty?

They earned their moniker "gentle giant" since they treat strangers like friends. They also tend to be gentle toward children and other pets.

4. The Devon Rex.

Would you like a cat that loves cuddling?

The kindnatured Devon Rex loves to cuddle, so save your best cuddles for them!

Gentle by nature, they are always ready to play with you.

3. The Russian Blue.

The Russian Blue cat has a reputation for being gentle, quiet, and even a bit shy. Don't take that the wrong way though!

These cats may be quiet by nature, but they love playing, jumping, and climbing. Russian Blue cats prefer finding high places from which they can observe humans and situations, and only then deciding if they'd like to join in.

2. The Ragdoll.

Although you won't find Ragdoll cats on the list of the most intelligent, they are amazing in their unique way. Why?

They are likable and extremely devoted, and kids adore them. There's plenty of reasons!

1. The Egyptian Mau.

This kitten might look wild with its naturally spotted coat, but don't worry! The Egyptian Mau is incredible when it spends quality time with its favorite people.

They are very polite cats. You will most likely find them waving their tail and munching on their paws in the lap of their favorite owners.

The Egyptian Mau is a playful and friendly cat.

After hearing these extraordinary traits of some of the most loyal cat breeds in the world, few people would remain stoic in the presence of these lovely creatures.

Each of them tries to express love and devotion to their humans in their particular way. Every owner of these cats should know how to appreciate them.

While cats may not be able to talk, we all know that true love isn't in words, but in actions! Wouldn't you agree?

If you know of any cat breeds that I failed to mention in the video, or you have a suggestion or some additional information, please leave a comment below the video.

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And remember: let's keep our pets healthy!

Take care!

TOP 10 Most Loyal Cat Breeds In The World!


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