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Micro Closeups Plus bonus clip Sept 29th


1. 09.57.38. Squall and Welly are helping with chores at the kitchen sink again!
2. 10.00.40. More Squall and Welly at the sink.
3. 11.30.52. The kids are in the office with Mr. A. Raindrop is in the purple bed and the Cash kittens and Bill are in the pink bed.
4. 20.44.26. Guess who is tucked inside Mr. A's jacket again? He's not in the sleeve this time but Quid is getting a cozy ride around the house!
5. Bonus Clip. Till and Quid at the food bowl in the office and Quid loves his Mama!

These clips were recorded from the livestream @KittenAcademy

posted by havelany5d