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People Laughed at this Small House Until They Looked Inside


The Majority of people live in small and common houses. There are few people in the world that like to go against the normal and build rather unusual homes. Ever wondered what the worlds most unusual house is? Well turns out its a retired missile silo — an underground structure. For just $300,000 it's converted it into apartments for people who worry about Armageddon and have some cash to burn. Its estimated to have cost about $20 million to build and accommodates roughly a dozen families. Complete with food stores, fisheries, gardens, and a pool, the development could pass as a setting in the game " Fallout Shelter," wherein players oversee a group of postapocalyptic residents in an underground vault. This secret hidden underground house is definitely your goto safe house if things ever do go south!

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People Laughed at this Small House, Until They Looked Inside

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