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Meet YumYum

The Limelight Pet Project

Hi friends! It's Holly and I have to say that this week's featured pet just stole my heart! Her birthday was earlier this week and she just turned 1.

Meet YumYum!

YumYum had her first birthday in foster care a few days ago and she is ready for her forever home! She’s been in foster care for 7 months and it is time to get this girl a forever home.

She is a 1yearold German Shepherd, Husky, Cattle Dog mix which means she is super smart, cautious around strangers and loves to play with her dog friends. She even brought her best friend to filming! Her little pal is Kimber and YumYum loves her.

YumYum also loves to cuddle with her favorite cat as she is winding down for the night. Apparently she is hoping for a cuddle cat in her forever home too! She is great with other animals, but has some stranger danger and takes a little while to warm up.

YumYum loves to be outside playing with her pals, so a home with another dog who matches her play style would be ideal. And, of course, a big fenced in back yard. She would also enjoy going on adventures with her new family. Maybe she could even carry her own back pack!

Because YumYum isn’t sure about little kids, an adult only home is best for her. High school age kids would be great for her. It’s the younger crowd that makes her nervous.

YumYum’s forever home should understand that she will need time to settle in, pick her friends and become comfortable.

YumYum has impeccable manners and is super smart. She is an affectionate dog with no health issues – she even has been examined by a veterinarian for orthopedic issues and she has none! She is very gentle and eager to learn.

YumYum is also featured on PetFinder and you can read more about her there.

If you already know you want to adopt this amazing dog, just fill out an adoption application on their website
and be sure to let them know you are interested in YumYum.

Also, let us know, because this girl is super special and I, personally, would love to know when she gets adopted!

~ Holly

posted by Incincanibulpfa