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Meet Our Pets! || Billy and Coleen

The Crawfords

Our pets are a huge part of our lives, so we hope you guys will get to know them a little better through this video!

We do get asked questions about them here and there, so we tried to include some short stories about each one. They always make each day brighter for us, and we hope they do the same for you.

We hope they bring you good vibes and put a smile on your face today. Animals are so full of love! We enjoy giving them lots of love in return!

Do you have pets of your own? Share some stories about them in the comments below!

God bless you always! ✨

Billy and Coleen ❤

Since we get asked quite often.. We were able to find our cats—and Summer!—through Miss Liz Bartolazo of Cats Purrfect and Claws! Just in case any of you are looking for new fur friends! We really trust them, and they can also help with rehoming pets in case you’re interested in giving an older pet a new home.

Here’s how you can can reach them!
EMAIL: [email protected]

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Edited by: Kat Pineda ||

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