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Meet Niall Horne!

The Limelight Pet Project

Niall Horne is a 23 year old Hungarian Pumi. Not a Puli. A Pumi is a herding dog with very high energy, intense focus and a strong drive to work.

Niall's motto is "BALL IS LIFE!" He might change that motto if he is given a different job.

If you rate the energy level of a high energy Border Collie on a scale of 110, they would rate about a 7. However, Niall would rate a 10!

With that energy comes an incredibly smart dog whose goal in life is to work.

Did I mention that he is high energy?

Niall needs a human who matches his high energy, but we suspect that Niall would outlast just about any human. Outdoor time is a must and a big, fenced in back yard is essential for him.

Niall loves to play soccer and Treiball. Treiball is an urban herding game where dogs must gather and drive a large ball into a net. It's a great sport for city dogs who need an intense exercise outlet. We have a few dog training facilities in Seattle that offer Treiball, including Zoom Room, Four Paws Sport Center and Seattle Agility Center.

Speaking of agility, Niall would thrive in competitive agility!

Niall is great with humans and he gets along with bigger dogs who match his energy. Probably not a good match for small dogs or cats! Older, dog savvy, high energy kids would be ok.

Like all working dogs, Niall loves to work. You wont find him watching Netflix and chilling on the couch.

If you are intrigued by Niall, please do some research on this amazing breed.

You can start here:

This breed is not for everyone. Niall's focus and fixation are intense. I love that about him. Maybe you will too!

You can find out more about Niall by visiting or, if you think you may be interested in giving Niall a email [email protected] (Give them a few days to respond. They are really busy right now.)

posted by Incincanibulpfa