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Ashwin Ramdin

In this video I want you to meet my new kitten. I brought my Russian Blue cat home on the June 28th of 2020 and his first week. Due to the global pandemic, I'm working from home as I'm still not allowed to back to the office. I decided to do a vlog about him, so I can see my Russian Blue cat growing up and share this journey with others.

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00:00 Drowning Snake City
01:08 Here We Go WAT3RS
03:39 Breathe out Breathe In (Instrumental Version) Roof
06:48 Open All Night Frook

Before getting my Russian Blue, I did look into adoption a kitten from a local shelter, but also looked at popular pedigree/purebred breeds, like a Ragdoll, British Shorthair, Maine Coon, Bengal, Devon Rex, Munchkin, Sphynx (naked/hairless cat), Abyssinian, American Shorthair and Persian.

I decided I wanted a Russian Blue hypoallergenic cat. I went online to find a good cat breeder. Luckily I found a breeder near me, who got a kitten for sale and got in touch with them. Finally I got him on a beautiful Sunday.

If you're wondering is the Russian Blue the right cat for me, well the Russian Blue cat personality is different per cat. None is the same. Russian Blue characteristics cannot be defined in my opinion. For example, my kitten will come to check out new visitors and is curious about them. According to the characteristics found on the Internet this should not happen.

Unfortunately a Pedigree/purebred cat doesn't not come for free or a small price. The sale price for this kitten was €900. You might get lucky and find one in a shelter, but changes are slim.

Some Russian Blue cat facts:
Russian Blues are considered hypoallergenic cats and good for people with allergies. They produce a lot less of the Fel d1 and Fel d4 protein which causes the allergic reaction, but it doesn't mean you won't get a allergic reaction. Keep this in mind when you decide you want a Russian Blue. Visit a breeder or cattery, if possible, to see if you get an allergic reaction.

You also have variations in Russian Blues when it comes to color. There also are blue point Russian Blues and they also come in black. I have a slight preference for a blue/grey one.

Canon G7X Mark II
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Samyang 24 mm F2.8
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Manfrotto PIXI EVO 2

Da Vinci Resolve 16


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