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MEDUSA - The Stone Kingdom


"MEDUSA The Stone Kingdom" is a sequel base on my 2019 artwork "MEDUSA The prequel".
Hope you like it

[ MEDUSA The prequel 2019 ]
   • MEDUSA  The prequel  

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[Empty World] by Martynas Lau (Whitesand)
   • Whitesand  Empty World [Sad Emotiona...  
[My Spirit Is Free] by Martynas Lau (Whitesand)
   • Sad Dramatic Emotional Epic Music  M...  

[Drama] by AShamaluevMusic
   • drama  
[Melancholy] by AShamaluevMusic
   • melancholy  
[Epic Orchestral] by AShamaluevMusic
   • Epic Orchestral  by AShamaluevMusic ...  
[Wartime] by AShamaluevMusic
   • Wartime  by AShamaluevMusic (Epic Wa...  

[Background Dark Music] by MATTIA CUPELLI
   • Background Dark Music | (Download and...  
[Dark Tension Rising Music] by MATTIA CUPELLI
   • Dark Tension Rising Music | (Download...  

'Filaments' by Scott Buckley released under CCBY 4.0. www.scottbuckley.com.au
   • 'Filaments' [Classical Crossover CCB...  

"Darren Curtis It's In The Fog" is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0).
   • Free Horror Music "It's In The Fog"  

Music from #InAudio: https://inaudio.org/
   • (No Copyright Music) Sad Cinematic Pi...  

[Dark Action Horror Trailer Stringer Bell] by ArchitectSound
   • Dark Cinematic Background Music For V...  

[Fire and Thunder] by @cjbeardsofficial
   • Cjbeards  Fire and Thunder  

[Heartbreaking] by Kevin MacLeod
Kevin MacLeod創作的「Heartbreaking」是依據 創用 CC (姓名標示) 4.0 授權使用。 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...
來源 http://incompetech.com/music/royalty...
藝人 http://incompetech.com/

[Forest Lullabye] by Asher Fulero
[Final Boss] by Myuu
[Elegy] by Wayne Jones
[Orbit] by Corbyn Kites
[I Don't Want To Do This Without You] by Late Night Feeler

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