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Martin Lewis on Debt Problems: Where to start and what to do


Martin Lewis talks about debt problems and gives solutions. Martin gives his definition of "Debt Crisis" and "Problem Debts" outlining solutions for both and where to get help. you also get a checklist for cutting the cost of repaying debt.
Problem Debts Checklist:
1. Shift debts to cheaper rates with a credit card balance transfer.
2. Check out a personal loan to get a lower rate vs. existing credit cards. This can also help with the structure of repayments (Good if you have poor discipline in sticking to credit card minimum repayments).
3. Check your credit rating. Try to improve your credit rating.
4. Do the credit card shuffle.
5. Use your savings to pay off your debts after you have moved debts to lower rates. If you have any savings, use them.
6. Remortgaging. (not a massive fan of this one as it extends the length of the loan which may cost more).
7. Secured loan. (Make sure this is suitable for you! It may cost you more if it's not suitable!!)

Budget, Budget, Budget, Budget!

Budgeting is crucial for climbing your way out of debt!

List your income against your expenditures to see if you are living beyond your means.
Getting out of debt is difficult and will take a lot of work but its worth it at the end of the day and we can help. There are ways to save on everything!

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