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Manx cat's genetics

Nikolays Genetics Lessons

There are lots of cats with short tails or no tails, but the Manx (and his sister breed the longhaired Cymric) is the only one specifically bred to be tail-free. Sometimes jokingly said to be the offspring of a cat and a rabbit (however cute the idea, a “cabbit” is biologically impossible), the tailless Manx is the result of a genetic mutation that was then intensified by the cats’ remote location on the Isle of Man, off the coast of Britain.

The cats are thought to date to 1750 or later, but whether a tailless cat was born there or arrived on a ship and then spread its genes throughout the island cat population is unknown. The island became known for tailless cats, and that is how the breed got its name of Manx. The Manx is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association, The International Cat Association, and other cat registries. Punnett Squares - Dihybrid Cross. Cats 101 - Manx. Manx Breed. Genetics - Epistasis. Mama Cat Takes Care of Her New Born Kittens. TOP 10 MANX CATS BREEDS. Hardy Weinberg Equation Explained. Manx cat History,Personality,Health,Care. Best cat mom ever take care of three days old kitten. Miniature Pigs Herded by Manx Cat. Manx cats breeding. Cat coat genetics - Video Learning - The origins of Manx Gaelic. Munchkin cat's genetics. Learn Biology: How to Draw a Punnett Square.

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