Manx cat meets Marklin sprint slot car track and I think he likes it!

1st day repairing the BL Streamlinia style Spanish vintage rc pond boat. Raw hull Bassett Lowke progress, boiler welding done soldering next. Manx kitten found out in the country. Alte DDR Prefo-Rennbahn Gotha 2016 Saisonabschlussfeier RS 1000 - Cup 2016. Märklin Sprint slot car with camera. Boiler test under steam and old Stuart? double action engine running. Manx Cat in conversation. 1967 Marklin Sprint PORSCHE Carrera 6 - Rare Vintage. Stuart No1 steam engine with bolted hardened crankshaft installed, 4psi-26psi. Found Streamlinia by Bassett Lowke in Model boat book, Spanish hull almost exact. Dr. Elsy's CFA International Cat Show, 2016 - Manx Class Judging. Piping done on the boiler and smoke stack added. For raw hull Bassett boat. 3 very different vintage boat steam engines, Viking uni-flo, rev single and 1' occilator. Exterior of wood hull almost done! Float test with 4' boiler next. Spanish fast cruiser. Manx kittens being born.

by HistoricSteamTV