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Manx Cat Breed | Manx Cat Breed Facts and Information

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Originated from the Island of Man, cats of the Manx breed are mostly renowned for the distinctive lack of tail. Both of the original Manx cat and Manx kitten have short hair. The long haired gene, though, was said to be developed and introduced via Norwegian Forest Cats. By trade, cats of this breed is known as “working cat” and known for their excellent personality and intelligence. The cats made appearance in the first cat show in the Great Britain and were one of the founders of the CFA back in 1906.
Playful and intelligent, Manx cats are naturally a devoted family member. They are famous for tearing off even in a rapid run, demonstrating flawless sharp turns due to their strong hindquarters. Cats of the breed are highly interactive. They are also known to have a distinct sense of humor; even they can play jokes on their owners. With children, and even with other pets, the cats can get along easily. In fact, they have a sense of a protective streak in them.
Cats of the breed also have the excellent hunting skill, which heritage is never far from the minds. Therefore, even indoor Manx cats can still kill insects for their humans, including going after any rodent that is silly enough to cross their path together. A mother and female one will teach her your cats to efficiently hunt, even though the only prey available for demonstration is a catnip mouse.
Actually and genetically, it’s possible for two Manx cats to produce offspring with all variations or conformation and tail length in a single litter. Even so, only “rumpy” or those without tail at all are eligible to be shown. There are slight bone rises at the point where the tail will begin. However, there are cats of the breed with full tails, though, in addition to every length in between. Those that have tails are valued in the line to keep the breed strong and healthy.
In general, Manx is a robust and rounded cat with full cheeks. Those make them appear as if the cats have jowls. Compared to the front legs, the hindquarters are longer. From the shoulder to the rump, there is a continuous arch down to the back. The eyes are round and large, tilting slightly toward the ears. The ears itself are tapering upward and wide based. Both long- and short-haired varieties are present, with dense double coats.

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