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Making Up a Melody on an Abused Piano

Brendan Kavanagh

Making up a melody on a seriously graffitied street piano Easy Listening Piano Girls Get Nicely Shocked. Piano Hacker Stops Financial Workers In Their Tracks. BUNKING OFF SCHOOL TO PLAY PIANO WITH AIRLINE PILOTS. Delivery Driver Plays The Blues - Crowd Digs It. Rock and roll piano-Palermo airport. THEY TRY TO BAN THE MUSIC...SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Dude Exhibits Mary Poppins Phobia - Runs Off. When Improvising Piano Is Like Walking A Tightrope. henri's boogie. Mailman Plays Stunningly Beautiful Piano. UPS Guy Delivering The Blues at The Airport. Street Pianist Natalie Trayling - Among the People. Piano-Boogie-Medley, Stefan Ulbricht, Chris Conz + Friends. When The Blues Soothes The Rat Race. Thomas Krüger – Flashmob Piano Medley at French Airport Paris-Orly.

posted by piojueloub