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Making the Hidden Wood Dowel Hinge Box

J Vander Schaaf

Illustrates all the details of how to make the wood hinge. This is a very unusual piece of joinery that I would love to see you make. The wood hinge is applied to this small box having box joints at all corners.

The unique feature of this box is the wood hinge, yes, the hinge is made of wood. It remains hidden until the box is opened and then disappears again when closed. I learned this method from Rob Cosman, an outstanding Canadian woodworker.

While the wood hinge can be made without this device, Rob's 3/8" jig is very handy: I also used 1/16" brass tube (could use solid) from K&S Precision Metals, # 8125

The link to the round nose router bit (also called a core box router bit), can be found at: (probably at other sites as well ( At 23:55 in the video, I made a mistake (calling it at 1/8" round over bit), it is a 3/8" diameter router bit. I will correct the video (if I can without having to download the whole video again)!

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posted by theminorkey41