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Making My Own Metallic Chameleon Watercolor Paints

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I recently watched a video about making watercolor paint using chameleon mica powders, and since I LOVE using metallic/shimmer watercolors, I wanted to try this myself! So that's what we're doing in this video. The gum arabic gods laughed and laughed.

Inspiration video by thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich:    • DIY Color Shifting Watercolors & Snaz...  
Anthony Crammen's video on making acrylic paint:    • Making My Own Acrylic Paint With Powd...  
Using Coliro watercolor paints:    • Coliro Pearlescent Shimmer Watercolor...  

If you're interested in resin tumbler making, check out my other channel:
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Alexes chameleon micas:
Gum arabic:
Coliro Ocean paint set:
Disposable pipettes:
Bamboo skewer stir sticks:
Palette box w/ "large" pans:
Arteza water brush:
Black paper:

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