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Make $10K As A Teenager - 7 Side Hustles

Austin Rutherford

I bought my first house at 19 years old! How did I do it? Watch this video.

When I was a teenager I was intrigued with money. At the time I did not know all of the benefits that money brings and the freedom that it can bring. I just liked money and wanted a ton of it to buy nice things.

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I would always look for side hustles and ways to stack cash. In this video I give you SEVEN ways that you can make $10K as a teenager from side hustles and not a traditional job.

My first house I had over $30K saved and that is what I used to buy my first house which was a rental property. Still to this day at 27 I own that property and I make over $1K every single month in profit, I will probably never sell this property.

It all started when I was young and worked and hustled and saved money and didn't spend it on useless toys and invested it for the right reasons.

This video will give you the step by step breakdown of how to make money as a teenager and then how to invest it properly into real estate and rental properties

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