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Maine Coon Kitten Tricks - Shaking Hands and beating up the cameraman.


Our Maine Coon Bama Breeze shaking hands and beating up the cameraman. Pretty smart little boy he learned to shake hands at 6 months. He is 9 months old and already over 13 lbs in this video. His uncle Rambo would have been proud. Luna, my Maine Coon cat, doing her beer box trick. Cat training: Marie learns basic commands. Maine Coon Videos - 10 minutes of Maine Coon Kittens. 5 month old maine coon is making the bed. The World's Longest Domestic Cat - Meet The Record Breakers. Max the Maine Coon Cat sings. Biggie Our Maine Coon British Shorthair Cross Kitten - Playing in the Snow 3-6 months old So Cute. Good morning, snoring Maine Coon! Maine Coon - Cool Cat Tricks. Maine Coon kitten Sandy 9 months. Maine Coon Kittens Compilation - Over 20 Minutes of Awwwesomeness. Cute Maine Coon cat talking in the Sun. Maine Coon Kitten squeaking and purring. Maine Coon Kittens cute dancing. Maine Coon cat tricks.

by toddemonster