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Madeline Soto update: Mother's boyfriend charged with murder | LiveNOW from FOX

LiveNOW from FOX

Stephan Sterns has been charged for the murder of 13yearold Madeline Soto.

Sterns, the boyfriend of Madeline Soto's mother Jennifer Soto, was charged with first degree murder, according to Osceola County court records. A grand jury indictment said Sterns allegedly killed Soto between Feb. 25 and Feb. 27. Her body was found on March 1.

Sterns remains in custody at the Osceola County Jail after he was arrested on unrelated charges, including sexual battery and possession of child sex abuse material, after he voluntarily turned his phone over to law enforcement during the search for Soto. The night of his arrest, he was named the "prime suspect" in Soto's disappearance.

Madeline Soto was reportedly last seen on the morning of Feb. 26, officials said. Sterns is said to have dropped her off at school that day, but authorities said she never made it. It's believed that Madeline Soto was actually dead already, and Sterns allegedly moved her body after disposing of her backpack and schoolissued laptop in a dumpster.

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