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The Incredible Career of RMS Lusitania

Oceanliner Designs

Lusitania one of history's greatest ships. Her loss in 1915, sinking at the hands of the German UBoat U20, shocked the world and continues to stir debate but where did this legendary ship get its start? What happened before the War when Lusitania was at the height of her career? What deadly sequence of events was triggered that would result in the ship's sinking? In this twopart documentary series we'll explore the Lusitania story from glorious start top horrifying end we'll examine original plans, review authentic footage and relive the past through spectacular 3D graphics to reveal the Lusitania's sad tale.

Oceanliner Designs explores the design, construction, engineering and operation of history’s greatest vessels– from Titanic to Queen Mary and from the Empress of Ireland to the Lusitania. Join maritime researcher and illustrator Michael Brady as he tells the stories behind some of history's most famous ocean liners and machines!

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