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LuLu the Alarm Clock⏰ Demands You Wake Up!!!! (ENG SUB)

Claire Luvcat

#LuLu #MeowAlert #ObservationLog

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00:00 Intro
00:33 Alarm Ringing
01:15 Second Alarm Ringing
01:40 Daily Kitty Schedule
02:05 What Happens When the Alarm Rings?
02:44 LuLu Meowing Compilation
03:03 LuLu Observation Log
03:07 LuLu Alarm's Antioversleeping Function Activates
03:16 LuLu Alarm Climbs on Bed to Protest Directly
03:23 LuLu Alarm Politely and Plaintively Begs for Food
03:28 The Most Pitiful Kitty in the World
03:44 LuLu Alarm has His own Stomach Timer
04:01 LuLu Alarm won't Budge from the Front of the Kitchen
04:36 LuLu Alarm tries Another Door
04:53 Footage of DD's Illegal Trespassing
05:26 The Other Cats get Ready After Hearing the LuLu Alarm
05:42 3 Minutes Before Meal Time
06:03 LuLu Alarm Escorts Claire to the Kitchen
06:32 LuLu Alarm is Sure He's Waited Long Enough
06:39 ToTo Wants LuLu Alarm to Ask for Food
07:22 LuLu Alarm is Not in a Good Mood Today
08:44 LuLu Alarm is Malfunctioning Today
08:57 ChuChu is Misled by the Malfunctioning Alarm
09:26 LuLu Alarm and ToTo are Up to No Good
09:58 LuLu Alarm and LaLa Force Their Way in
10:39 Finally, Time to Eat

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