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Lockout Tagout Training Video [Employee OSHA Training on LOTO]


https://www.safetyvideos.com/Lockout_... This lock out tag out training video (LOTO) will help train your authorized and affected employees on proper lockout tagout safety. The principles taught in this lockout tagout training are geared towards the relevant OSHA Standard which is Title 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 1910.147

Lockout tag out training is essential when you are working on most equipment and machinery.
You need to identify all of the energy sources for the equipment you’re working on.
Each worker must attach their own LOTO device at a power source.
Equipment and systems must be tested after locks and tags are in place.
The person removing the last lockout device must make sure that the work on the machine is completed, and that it’s safe to operate.

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