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Lion kings and queens born in a storm drain - rescuer leaves screaming!

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel

The circle of life (on the streets) ended when #HopeForPaws arrived at the rescue location. Today we want to ask you all to join us with a small donation so we can save more lives: https://www.HopeForPaws.org

Loreta Frankonyte, JoAnn Wiltz, and Jodi Slater joined me on this #Kitten rescue. I decided to mess with Loreta a little bit in the middle of the rescue I hope you will enjoy it ;)

Our friends from #Cats At The Studios caught the feral mom shortly after this rescue, spayed her, and returned her to the colony.

If you would like to adopt Zazu, Rafiki, King, Tiifu or Sarafina, please contact: https://catsatthestudios.com

I just came back from the movies where I just saw the Lion King, and it was just amazing! It is a remake of the original movie and it was the most beautifully made animated movie I have ever seen in my life! So much work, effort, and love were put into it and it's definitely a MUST SEE!


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